Sacramento CERT assists FEMA CA TF7 and CalOES teams deployment to Hurricane Florence




On 9/11/2018, Sacramento CERT assisted FEMA’s California Task Force 7 members deploy a water rescue team to Hurricane Florence.  In the late hours of September 10th and into the early morning hours of September 11th, CERT members worked to issue the team’s protective gear, personal equipment, radios, HAZMAT gear, and manifest the team in preparation for deployment.

At 7pm on 9/11/2018, Sacramento CERT was again activated to deploy a 2nd water rescue team – this time a team from CalOES.  We wish both teams safe journeys and safe operations while on station, and look forward to receiving them home after their mission is complete.

Sacramento CERT graduates class 2018-2!

Sacramento CERT is happy to welcome Academy 2018-2 to our team!  Congratulations on completion of your training and we look forward to working with you all!  Thank you Kathy, Wai, MaryAnne, Tiffany, Christy, Diana, William, Shandy, Caitlin, Cortney, Toni, Tom, Teri, Justin, Chuck, John, Carol, Steve, Carolynn, Linda, Sheena, Morgan, Edie, Brianna, Kevin, Steve, Ken, Robyn, Arturo, and Jason!

Sacramento CERT helps test CA Department of Public Health CERT module for Community Reception Centers

Sacramento CERT helped the California Department of Public Health test a new California-specific CERT training module on Community Reception Centers (CRCs). A CRC is used to help check and decontaminate citizens in the event of radiological decontamination. CERT members were trained on radiation basics, how to properly use radiation detectors, personal protective equipment required to work in a CRC, and basic CRC operations. SFDCF and Sacramento CERT both hope that the CDPH training module receives rapid approval and is released to all CERT teams in California soon!

Sacramento CERT Assists CalOES Boat Teams

Sacramento CERT assists CalOES Boat Teams Deploy in support of Oroville Dam Emergency Operations

On February 12 2017 and again on February 19 2017, Sacramento CERT assisted the regional CalOES boat team deploy in support of operations at Oroville Dam. In the past Sacramento CERT has been used to deploye FEMA’s California Task Force 7 Urban Search and Rescue Team. This marks the first time Sacramento CERT assisted CalOES Boat Teams.

Sacramento CERT Class 2017-1

Sacramento CERT is happy to welcome Academy 2017-1 to our team!  Congratulations on completion of your training and we look forward to working with you all!  Thank you Austin, Colette, Derrick, Edward, Jacob, Jacquinn, Joel, Kara, Maria, Patricia, Rebecca, Shawn, Shirley, Stefany, and Victor!