Camp Fire Assistance

At 8am, Saturday November 10th 2018, Sacramento CERT was providing training on Disaster Animal Sheltering to citizens of Crescent City and Oregon. By 4pm, the team was headed back to Sacramento to deploy to the Camp Fire in Chico on Sunday.

From November 11th through November 17th, Sacramento CERT – with the assistance of other regional CERT programs – worked the largest animal shelter in the region with over 1,600 animals at one point.

In one day, CERT members assisted over 2,000 residents looking to reunite with their animals lost in the fire.

Sacramento Regional CERT teams also supported rescue efforts by transferring animals to shelters and to higher medical care, one night transporting 8 critically injured felines to UCD Vet Med center for treatment.


Sacramento CERT working with North Valley Animal Disaster Group concentrated their efforts on transporting stray and injured animals to shelters and medical care in the region.  During these operations, all of our “clamshell” carriers were used in rescue efforts, leaving our Animal Response Team without any to use in the event of future deployments.

We desperately need funds to re-stock our cache of carriers.

If you can donate to support this vital mission, please donate today.  Thank you in advance!