The Sacramento Fire Department and Community Foundation helps our supported groups deliver Fire Safety and Injury Prevention Education Activities, Fire Reserves and Apprentice Programs, Community and Personnel Recognition and Awards Programs, and much, much more!

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Our Mission

SFDCF’s purpose is to promote, support, and improve the Sacramento Fire Department as well as fire and life safety in the Sacramento community. SFDCF funds activities and programs similar to, but which go beyond, the conventional responsibilities of the Sacramento Fire Department including public education, outreach, training, and recognition activities and programs.


Sacramento CERT graduates class 2018-2!

Sacramento CERT is happy to welcome Academy 2018-2 to our team!  Congratulations on completion of your training and we look forward to working with you all!  Thank you Kathy, Wai, MaryAnne, Tiffany, Christy, Diana, William, Shandy, Caitlin, Cortney, Toni, Tom, Teri, Justin, Chuck, John, Carol, Steve, Carolynn, Linda, Sheena, Morgan, Edie, Brianna, Kevin, Steve, Ken, Robyn, […]

Sacramento CERT helps test CA Department of Public Health CERT module for Community Reception Centers

Sacramento CERT helped the California Department of Public Health test a new California-specific CERT training module on Community Reception Centers (CRCs). A CRC is used to help check and decontaminate citizens in the event of radiological decontamination. CERT members were trained on radiation basics, how to properly use radiation detectors, personal protective equipment required to […]


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